The restaurant of Ogenblik was created in 1969 by a group of friends including the famous Georges Neefs (Brasseries Georges Uccle), Picha (Tarzoon Film) ... They were quickly joined by Geoffroy Greindl (1972). He took over all the shares and was joined by Yves Delruelle (his ubiquitous acolyte in the restaurant) as of 1989 ... Ogenblik's restaurant enjoyed the services of chef Gonzalo Gomez for over thirty years. Today the torch has been taken over (since 2005) by Alain Declercq. The Ogenblik team is characterised by its regularity and loyalty as well as the seriousness of the service and the constant quality of the menu and the gourmet suggestions. The Ogenblik sees many celebrities showbiz and the world of entertainment throughout the year